Complete protection

Complete protection

Ensuring the security and quality of your smart contract

Smart contract code auditing is a specific area. Despite its small size, a smart contract is a full-fledged program capable of organizing complex components. Even for the automation of seemingly simple transactions, it requires thinking through all possible components at every step.

Smart contract audits

Agreeing on specifications


Collecting code design models

We gather the code specifications and review the architecture to ensure the guaranteed integration of third-party smart contracts.

Unit testing

We test each function of a smart contract by implementing test cases. Our specialists utilize tools to ensure that the unit test cases include an overall smart contract code.

Manual analysis

Our auditors inspect the smart contracts, row after row, to detect potential risks like external calls, service attacks, front running attacks (transaction ordering attacks) etc.

Initial report

We provide you with a suggestion report containing all the vulnerabilities.

Fixing bugs/errors

Our team of experts starts fixing all the bugs/errors detected while examining the report.

Final audit report

Our specialists will publish the final report on GitHub, which is accessible for anyone to read.

Platforms we work on