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Why CLS is the best option on the market?

Result delivery
We do not provide service, we create results instead. We direct our attention to the most important aspects to satisfy the client’s needs.
Our experience is real and relevant.
CLS team consists of highly qualified developers and traders. Our path began on US stock market and now this experience is applied to crypto.
We protect you from all sides.
We offer protection from both trading and legal attacks. NDA is integral part of our work..

Our services

Trading is substantial for crypto projects independently of business areas and products.
Market-making is a way to get maximum value from it. Our goal is to create favorable environment for organic trading by keeping deep liquidity and tight spreads.
Starting crypto company is a very complicated task which is nothing like making a usual company. Our software help clients not to make costly mistakes, supporting them with useful tools on their way to successful fundraising and project development on every stage.
Our company has a deep experience in algorithmic trading rooting from stock markets. We have developed one of the best tools, systems and algorithms for cryptocurrency exchanges, helping exchanges to grow and acquire new users rapidly.

About our company

The main goal of our company is to help our clients in achieving their business goals quickly and effectively. We started as a market-making company, supporting projects trading, and building organic markets. Today our company provides tools, supporting crypto projects on every stage of its development: idea, whitepaper, smart contracts, fundraising, listing, and trading.

Our team

Coin Liquidity Solutions was founded in 2018 by a team of financial markets professionals and crypto trading enthusiasts.
Our team consists of the best professionals on the market: developers, traders and client managers. We believe in the future of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and our mission is to help crypto market developing further by providing mature software solutions for cryptocurrency projects, helping them in integration to the mass markets and boosting their growth.